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This mini mushroom basket is just what you need- stash your favorite trinkets, hairclips, your keys, or anything else you can think of in the cutest way possible!


This pattern is intermediate recommended, but a very patient and persistent beginner can certainly create it too 


I recommend making sure you are familiar and comfortable with the knots listed below before attempting- included in the pattern is a step by step knot guide at the very end for those who need it.



Materials Needed:

  • 3.5 or 4mm braided cord recommended
    • mushroom cap: ~91 ft
    • mushroom stem: ~94 ft
  • Measuring tape
  • Hot glue gun
  • Twine
  • Small jar for reference (optional)
  • Scissors


Knots used in this project:

  • Horizontal Clove Hitch
  • Reverse Lark’s Head Knot
  • Square Knot
  • Gathering Knot

Mini Mushroom Basket PDF Pattern


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