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The Lark's Head Shop is a one-stop supply shop where you can find all of the materials and resources to fuel your own craft. With us you'll find community, educational content, resources to further your passion, and supplies. We also sell original handmade macrame art.

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meet the artist

Rachel Breuklander is a modern fiber artist based in Los Angeles, California. She started learning macramé in 2016 as a creative outlet, and quickly developed a passion for the craft. Now, this is her full time creative pursuit. When she’s not tangled in a mess of string at her studio, she loves going hiking with her pup Finn, camping, or curling up at home with a good book. Her love for nature is the biggest inspiration for her art.

Now, she loves to share her passion for this art form by teaching classes and workshops as well as providing online education and support to other budding macramé artists and enthusiasts. Rachel firmly believes that everyone has a creative side, and macramé is a fantastic way to explore and develop that creativity. She also encourages other maker’s exploration into the world of fiber crafts by supplying eco-friendly macramé supplies, DIY kits, and other fiber supplies.

our values



It is important to us that all of our products and creations reflect our goal for sustainability. That means we only provide fibers that are recycled from the garment industry, or are made from eco friendly fibers. We also pride ourselves on minimizing our eco footprint by avoiding plastic use in our packaging. 



We carefully handselect only the highest quality fibers from around the world in our shop. From the softest, lushest string to the funky textured yarns we offer, all of our products are hand picked for their quality and consistency. All of our fibers are Oeko-Tex certified and guaranteed to elevate your work.



All of our fibers are not only planet friendly, but animal friendly too! Everything you'll find in our shop is  guaranteed vegan and cruelty- free. 

We also work with independent, family owned manufacturers who share our values and ethics.

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