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through colorful macrame creations 


I'm so excited to share my passion project for the last year or so with you-Nature Macrame! In this book I spill all my secrets and share a variety of nature-inspired projects to refresh your passion for the outdoors while tuning in to your creative skills. I  hope you enjoy working through it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

-Rachel Breuklander




"Bring the beauty of the natural world into your home as you knot your way through this captivating collection from visionary fiber artist Rachel Breuklander. Known in the macramé community for her unique color-blocked landscape wall hangings, Rachel now shares the secrets to her approach for the first time, so you can fill your home with gorgeous, handmade pieces that are all your own! With plenty of projects for all skill levels, featuring clear, thoughtful instructions and beautiful step-by-step photos, you’ll soon be creating nature-inspired works of art with ease.

Dive into a sea of stunning designs like the Riptide Woven Hoop or breathtaking Ocean Goddess Wall Hanging. Elevate your macramé skills as you knot together the Cascade Mountain Landscape or Ponderosa Plant Hanger. Let your fingers fly across small, quick pieces like the Bird Nesting Bag or Foraging Pouch, and feel inspired all day long as you work up the Sun Mandala or Luna Wall Hanging. No matter where you are in your macramé journey―or where you’re hoping to go―these magnificent designs will let you explore the beautiful world around you, all from the comfort of your home."


Rachel takes a fresh, new approach to macramé with this book! Unique and inspiring, it is truly a must read for all creatives!”
–Chantel Conlon, author of Mixed Fiber Macramé

“Rachel’s book is perfect for all artists looking to up-level and explore fiber in new and innovative ways.”
–Brydie Stewart, founder of Mary Maker Studio

“Rachel has written a must-read book for anyone who loves macramé, whether you are just starting your fiber journey or are looking for some fresh inspiration in your craft!”
–Lindsey Campbell, author of Welcome to Weaving and Welcome to Weaving 2

“Rachel is a thoughtful, detailed instructor with a beautifully modern spin on macramé.”
–Morgan Spenla, CEO and founder of The Crafter’s Box

"Rachel's book is truly inspiring; she provides incredibly detailed instructions to create the most beautiful projects!"
—Tamar Samplonius, contemporary fiber artist and Etsy Design Awards Finalist

“A gem of a macramé book! Rachel’s eye for detail and style translates into easy-to-follow steps for creating beautiful, nature-inspired macramé.”
—Amy Barker, creator of Hitch and Arrow



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