This gorgeous 100% 3mm bamboo string is not only incredibly soft and satiny, it is also an eco-friendly option for all your fiber projects! It is one of the most luxurious feeling fibers I have ever worked with and has a slight shimmery, metallic look to it.


What makes bamboo sustainable?

-Compared to an equivalent tree mass, bamboo produces 35% more oxygen.

-Bamboo only takes 1 to 5 years to grow to full maturity.

-It regrows from its own root system when harvested, so it doesn’t need to be planted again. This makes it more renewable and promotes positive soil health.


Available in four color options. Each half size spool contains 0.5kg or approximately 350 feet of rope.


The diameter listed is approximated as the string naturally expands after it is unwound from the spool, so you may notice a slight variation depending on whether the string has been freshly cut.


I offer free shipping for all US orders over $40-no discount code required! All rope orders will go out either with USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground (bulk orders). If you need an order rushed, please feel free to contact me for expedited shipping rates and I will be happy to accommodate.


All of my fiber products are made in batches by manufacturer, and with the nature of organic materials, this can sometimes lead to slight variations in color from batch to batch. If you are working on a project needing consistent color, I recommend you purchase enough rope at one time to complete that project because the next time I restock that color, it may be slightly varied from before.


**OEKO TEX CERTIFIED PRODUCT**Note: Some minor snags and imperfections in the string are to be expected and are, as always, an unavoidable part of the process in creating natural spun fiber. These imperfections are kept as minimal as possible by my supplier.

Luxe Bamboo 3mm Single Twist Cotton String