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This product keeps waste from the garment industry out of landfills !


🧵Thickness: 4mm
🧵Composition: Recycled Cotton
🧵Length: ~260 ft
🧵Weight: 500g (1.2 lb)


🌷Plant Hangers
🌷Structured/Geometric Wall Hangings
🌷Functional Items
🌷And more!


This gorgeous 3 ply rope is the perfect medium for macrame and many other fiber arts! It's gentle on the hands and perfect for projects that need more structure or sturdiness. Made of 100% recycled cotton and available in 7 colors


We ship out most orders within 1-2 business days.


This means that our fibers are certified as passing rigorous standards for human & ecological safety, and is free from harmful chemicals and dyes. 


Notes regarding the nature of cotton fibers:
🧶Some minor snags and imperfections in the string are to be expected and are, as always, an unavoidable part of the process in creating natural spun fiber. These imperfections are kept as minimal as possible. 
🧶The diameter listed is approximated as the string naturally expands after it is unwound from the spool, so you may notice a slight variation depending on whether the string has been freshly cut.
🧶 Colors can vary slightly from batch to batch due to the natural variation in cotton fibers. Inconsistencies are kept to a minimum, but if you need to purchase multiple spools for one project we recommend buying them all in the same purchase to avoid receiving two batches of one color.

4mm Colored Cotton Rope- 500g spool

$19.25 Regular Price
$15.40Sale Price