My Favorite Market Hacks

After 3 years of vending at a variety of craft shows, I can confidently say that the way I set up and run my booth is vastly different than how it started out. To save you some of the trouble of figuring it out over time like I did, I wanted to share my favorite hacks and things I've learned over the years that have made my life easier!

In this blog you'll find:

  • Links to my favorite products that have made my life easier during craft shows

  • Some hacks and DIY's for setup and displays and strategies I've used to connect with shoppers

  • A free PDF packing list so you can make sure not to forget anything you'll need

  • Q & A from other makers about craft shows

I also have a blog post with more general advice for craft shows, so if that sounds up your alley click here

to read that post.


Products That Changed My Market Game

1) Utility Cart and Cart Topper

Here are the links for both cart and cart topper , both purchased from Michaels.

This is my brand new setup for a packing station and it is my new favorite thing (plus I can use it at home too, carting my tools and materials from room to room while still looking neat and organized).

Why I love this:

  • It has wheels, so it's super easy to unload and transport to my vendor spot

  • I love that with the cart topper, I have a nice flat surface to neatly pack my items on.

  • The topper also hides the first shelf, so I use that to put all kinds of random items I don't want sitting out in the open such as my cash box and spare scissors.


  • It is a bit difficult to pack in the car as it doesn't compact or fold, especially if you don't have a lot of trunk space.

2) Outdoor Rug

This rug is available in 4 color options, and I chose the Taupe color. Link here.

Why I love this rug:

  • Super cheap!

  • Variety of color options

  • Very lightweight and easy to transport

  • If you get a vendor spot with any unappealing spots on the ground, this makes your setup still look neat and presentable


  • It may be slightly tricky to clean but I haven't gotten there yet! After my first market using it, I had a couple people spill drinks or step some dirt on it which now show slightly. However, this is the risk you run with any sort of rug and isn't specific to this rug.

  • Very thin and flimsy which may be a con for some people, but it was actually a pro for me since its lightweight.

Small Pegboard: I zip-tie it to a clothing rack to create a vertical display for some of my smaller items.

Hexagon Letterboard: I love this one because it has more space than some of my other letterboards. Plus it's way cuter!

Baskets: All thrifted!

Dried Florals: Purchased at LA Flower District. You can also find them online here.

Mirror: I highly recommend having a mirror if you sell items like jewelry. This one goes perfectly with my shop's natural theme!


Market Hacks

DIY Pegboards:

I came up with the design for my standing pegboards myself and created them all in one day! The best part: they fit in the back of my Toyota Rav4 once the seats are laid flat. Hell yeah!

Since I first shared how I made them on social media, I've had hundreds of other makers tag me to share how theirs turned out and they've all looked amazing! I'm working on getting some written instructions and diagrams made in a future blog post, but in the meantime I have an Instagram story highlight you can find here where you can find the details on how to make your own.

Overhead Sign

For this sign, my partner carved the design into wood panels using a router. You could just as easily trace and paint your own though if that sounds daunting!

We then attached two eye hooks from the top and use rope to hang it from the post.

The post is simply a single shelf track and a shelf bracket that we zip-tied to one of the legs of my ez-up! Super easy set up and looks presentable and clean.

The only con is that sometimes if a taller person walks past and doesn't look where they are going they might hit the corner of it on accident..oops!

Wrapping Wall Hangings

One of the most common questions I get is how to send people off with their wall hangings at markets- to package or not to package? I personally always prefer to package them up. Most smaller items can just be wrapped in tissue paper and put into a gift bag, but wall hangings are trickier. I use my packing cart to first roll up the wall hanging in a piece of packaging paper, and then seal it with some tape or a sticker. If it fits into a bag then great, if not I take a long strand of rope and double-knot it to either side of the wall hanging.Then they can use the rope like a strap to sling the wall hanging over their shoulder as they walk!


Having signs and prices readily available is super important for markets- it lowers the "barrier to entry"-if you will- for the customer. Many customers at markets love connecting and talking with makers and they don't typically have an issue asking you the cost of an item, but you never know- some people are too shy to ask! I recommend making everything as easy as possible to navigate in your booth.


At my last workshop, I put one stack of flyers for an upcoming workshop at the outside corner of my tent and I couldn't believe how many people walked by and grabbed them without necessarily even coming into my booth or seeing what it even was before grabbing it! Next time I'll definitely bring more and possibly bring some other materials such as brochures or flyers for all of my upcoming events.

DIY options

One thing I've noticed is that having people hang around your booth attracts even more people to come in. I plan to set up some kind of DIY station for my next market where people can customize a product (or possibly pot their own mini succulent for a mini plant hanger etc). This brings people in and makes them feel like they get something one of a kind!

I also find that many craft show attendees are crafty themselves, so I've been offering a few DIY kits lately and I've sold a few at every show I've been to! They also make great gifts.

Market Checklist

I always feel like I'm forgetting something when packing, so making a list has been essential to my own sanity the day before a show. To download my free packing list for markets, click the download button below!

Market Packing List
Download PDF • 89KB

Market Q & A

I opened the floor up to market questions from my Instagram family and here are some great ones that haven't been covered in either of my blogs on the topic so far! Hope this helps.

Q: How do you know how much stock to bring and which items to stock more of? Do you take more stock than you think you'll need, or do you always have a set # of each item in mind?

A: I tend to always want to bring more stock than I think I'll need. You can always list the extra items on Etsy or your website after the fact, so even if you don't sell out at the event it's not a total loss! I go into which items I stock more of on my previous craft show blog post, but generally speaking I bring mostly small, giftable items and fewer large,