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My Exact Market Inventory List-And What I Would Change Next Time

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

One of the top questions I get from nervous macramé artists getting ready for their first (or next) market is: "How the heck do I know how much to bring?"

So I thought I would tackle this question by giving a real-world example of my last market's inventory and share what worked-and what didnt.

I feel it's necessary to mention a couple of disclaimers here though: the first is that I have been doing markets for a while now and I already had quite a bit of inventory sitting around to work with. If it's your first event, you may not be able to whip up as much stock and that's totally okay! The second disclaimer is that the most consistent thing I've noticed about markets is how inconsistent they are. What sold well for me might not be your best seller, and what I didn't sell at all might fly off the shelves for you! I've also had some events where not a single pair of earrings sold and others where I sold 15 pairs. Just don't be discouraged if you make a lot of something and it doesn't sell- keep bringing that stock to other events and wait a few times before you make a call on whether to keep bringing that item or not.

Alright, with no further ado here's the list:

As you can see, I went heavy on the wall hangings, coasters, and wristlets/keychains for this market. Plant hangers are usually fairly consistent for me, so I usually bring 10-15 total in varying styles and sizes. Some markets I sell out, others I only sell a couple!

What I would change for next time:

Wall hangings: I would say to bring 10-15 wall hangings maximum- I recommend bringing more that fall on the small to medium size range. I find that wall hangings priced between $35-75 tend to sell the best. For this event I did sell 10 wall hangings because I had them priced low to clear up some inventory- I already had a ton of wall hangings that had been sitting around my office for a while because I had created them for patterns, project samples, or just for fun and hadn't gotten to listing them online yet. For most markets when I have fewer available and priced normally I usually sell around 5 pieces.

Coasters: Coasters did really well at this event because I brought a good range of colors and did a 2-for and 4-for pricing option. I sold a little over half of my inventory which was great, but in the future I'll probably not make quite as many because at other events I sometimes only sell 5 or so.

Earrings: I actually wish I had brought more earring styles and inventory to this market because they were selling pretty well!