I'm Rachel, the maker behind The Lark's Head! I fell head over heels in love with macrame in 2017. What started as a hobby has become a true passion of mine- and I made the switch to full time making this year! The thing I adore most about this art is that the possibilities are truly endless. I enjoy creating all sorts of items, from wall decor to jewelry to functional household items and gifts. I'm most often inspired by classic shapes and minimalistic design-I always find myself searching for simplicity and beauty in my art. I'm passionate about doing everything I can in my small business to reflect my personal values of taking care of our planet and giving back. I accomplish this by using organic materials like foraged driftwood, 100% cotton cord, and eco-friendly packaging. I also donate 10% of my monthly proceeds to a charity or organization each month. I hope that you love my creations as much as I love making them!

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Mountains, Sea, and Everything Between

One of my greatest passions outside of macrame is exploring nature and being outdoors. I infuse this passion into my work by collecting driftwood and branches for my pieces while on my hiking or camping trips. You'll often catch me outside of Joshua Tree park collecting dried cholla branches, roaming the beaches of Southern California for gorgeous driftwood, or foraging in the mountains of for branches with unique patterns. I also try to incorporate my love for the outdoors into my designs, often selecting earthy tones and adding macrame "flowers" and other sculptural elements into my pieces.

Macrame Supplies

I've curated a collection of the highest quality, 100% cotton string in a variety of beautiful colors to help make your macrame art shine! This may just be the softest string you will work with, so say goodbye to blisters and rope burn. Each spool is Oeko-Tex certified and comes on a post-consumer recycled cardboard spool. Check my "shop" section above to browse available colors and other supplies.


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